When do you typically ship my order?

As lizards take a long time to pack items, we try to get all orders shipped within 24-48 hours from purchase. We had hoped to use tortoises for an assembly line process, but scrapped the idea when we deduced you wouldn't receive your order for well over two months.

Does this also apply to custom orders?

Typically, yes! Our custom decals can take an additional 24-48 hours to create depending on inventory stock, however we typically fulfill these orders within a 24 hour period. If there are issues, we will contact you with information about your order status!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

This depends on two things:
- The item purchased
- What shipping is chosen at checkout
All of our decal merchandise ships through USPS, this includes international shipments. The following is the average ship time for each class of mail.


Domestic Shipping Time Frame
• USPS First-Class Mail – 1-3 days
• USPS First Class Package – 1-3 days
• USPS Priority Mail – 1-2 days
• USPS Priority Express – 1 or 2 days


Priority Mail Express is the fastest mail service offered by the Postal Service. It guarantees expedited service by 3 p.m. for any mailable matter plus includes $100 of insurance coverage. Priority Mail Express delivery is offered 365 days a year in many locations. 

Do you ship internationally?

Due to the changes in EU and UK VAT laws, we are no longer shipping internationally from our shopify store. Don't fret! We still offer international shipping from our etsy store, located at this link: Fatty Pancake Etsy Shop

What are your office hours?

Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday - CLOSED

Why is it taking so long to receive my shirt or mug? Are horned toads making it?

That would be really awesome but the answer is no. We use a print on demand service for our mugs and our apparel so we are at the mercy of their printing schedule. Below is a breakdown of Printful's average printing times:

2-7 business days
Non Apparel
2-5 business days

On average, you should receive your shirt within 1-2 weeks depending on how busy they are. During the holidays, we recommend you give one additional week to receive your item on time. We will have an announcement posted on our page what the deadline dates are.

What happens if my shirt arrives damaged or the wrong size?

Shucks, sometimes things do arrive damaged or a tee doesn't fit quite right. If the item is damaged or a printing error did occur, email us! Please attach a photo of the damage in question so we can forward this to our printer as they require proof before issuing a reprint/reship. Generally, if you order an incorrect size these are not returnable, however we are very willing to help customers get the correct size they need so please email us and we'll work our reptile magic to help anyway we can! Should you simply wish a refund, please contact us at support@fattypancake.com


Help! My order never arrived or my item was stolen from the package!

Contact us and we'll get to the bottom of this! Sometimes shipping carriers tracking doesn't update immediately so it makes it hard to know where your item is. If your item was stolen form a package, please send a photo of the parcel or envelope so we can send it to Printful. They will be able to get your item reprinted and reshipped.

Do you sell wholesale?

We sure do! If you own a shop that would love to stock our merchandise, please contact us and we can send you our current rates!

Do you take commissions?

As a matter of fact yes! Several of our decals were commissioned by awesome people who really wanted some art for their enclosures! If you are interested in viewing examples of logos done for previous clients and review how our commission process works, please visit our commission page for details!

I don't see the extremely rare (__insert lizard or snake name here__) on this website. Will it become available on future products?

Maybe? It really depends. We cannot give a definitive answer to this because, lets face it, all reptiles are pretty awesome and are huge sources of inspiration at our studio. Fatty Pancakes main mission is to focus on commonly owned reptiles but that is not to say uncommon or rare reptiles are off the table forever. Sometimes new ideas for art are spawned in spontaneous bursts; envisioned by news articles or maybe a neat image seen online. Who knows what the future will bring!