Decal Application

So you just received your brand new decal and are ready to apply it to your surface of choice! That's awesome! This little guide will walk through the steps necessary to assure a nice clean placement.

Not your average sticker!

Anatomy of a Decal

How to Apply your Decal

1. Prep application site for decal using cleaning agents. For best results, use rubbing alcohol. Lemon juice and some glass cleaners sometimes leave behind a residue that will make it difficult for the vinyl graphic to adhere to. Make sure surface is dry before placing decal.

2. Gently peel transfer tape from vinyl backing, ensure that graphic adheres to transfer tape (A).

If graphic does not lift with tape, STOP!

Replace transfer tape in its original position. Place decal on flat, hard surface graphic side down. Using plastic squeegee (or something similar like a credit card), swipe background several times with gentle pressure. Turn graphic right-side up and lift transfer tape. Repeat until graphic adheres to transfer tape.

3. Place on clean surface (B). Use squeegee to push any air bubbles out from behind graphic.
4. Gently peel transfer tape off surface (C) back over itself at a 180 degree angle. If design begins to lift, replace transfer tape and use squeegee to adhere graphic to surface.