About us

Fellow reptile enthusiasts, have you tried scouring the Internet in search of products which support your love of reptiles, only to hit a dead end? Perhaps the selection was lean or not quite the style you were looking for. We understand! Expressing what you’re passionate about is important and Fatty Pancake seeks to deliver products that allows you to do just that!

Whether you are a current, former, or pining-to-be owner of a reptile, we support your love and desire to share this unique passion with the rest of the world. Each product is designed by artist and fellow reptile enthusiast Melissa Hitchcock in her quest to introduce new art into the community. Whether it’s humorous or serious, simple or intricate, the wide range of designs provide diversity for all types of owners looking for a variety of merchandise.

So slither, crawl, or sprint your way to our catalog! Don't see a design with your prefered beloved species? Don't fret! Sign up on our mailing list to see what new work is on the way!

What inspired the name?

In short, it was a nickname given to one of the owners former bearded dragons.

Sienna was a rescued older beardie who suffered a host of health issues, most of which were alleviated with lots of tender care and many vet visits. One of these visits was to under go surgery to remove a large mass near her eye, inhibiting her ability to see and hunt her food properly. While she was under anesthesia, the vet discovered she was also severely egg bound. Once the eggs were removed, Sienna's skin never shrank back so she tended to look like pancake batter oozing outward whenever she laid down; earning her the name, Fatty Pancake!


In Memory Of Sienna

Pancake is often used to describe the appearance of a bearded dragon when they push out their ribs and flatten themselves while they bask. It often makes them look like little pancakes, albeit rather spiky ones.

Where are you based?

Our small studio is located right at the feet of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A true gem of a location when it comes to inspiration for the work we do!

About the Artist

Melissa Hitchcock grew up mostly in the rural areas of Central Colorado. This allowed the artist to gain inspiration from nature and wildlife that surrounded her. In a small garden next to the house, a collection of garter snakes made their home during the summer months, which the artist would catch and draw. Most of the snakes became rather accustomed to handling over the years and would often just sit quietly until placed back near where they were caught. It wasn’t until the Crocodile Hunter TV series aired that Mel's love of reptiles took off.

It wasn't until five years ago the artist adopted her first bearded dragon but since then lizards have been on the brain.