Snek Peek at our Upcoming stuff!

How is Spring almost here? It's crazy, as I sit in my studio I can hear the local Spotted Towhee birds chirping out their normal spring songs. I'm not sure if I'm prepared for the upcoming summer. We've had a mild winter here in Colorado so it's going to be a very interesting warm season. Although I will add, I do hope I get a family of magpies again this year. My backyard became something of a nursery for the parents to drop off their kids and I bore witness to many young magpie shenanigan's.

Puncturing the song bird chorus taking place outside would be the gentle sloshing of paintbrushes in water jugs as well as the musings from myself as I'm working indoors on new art. There will be some very cute, as well as very elegant, new artwork coming into the shop soon! With Spring around the corner we are looking to scratch the itch for some bright colors with some beautiful floral patterns.

There's also a heavy focus on getting work previous sketched out finally completed this year. I've already knocked out the first batch of decals, but I'm hoping to get the next round of ten added sometime around May. This is going to include the Komodo Dragon, Mangrove Snake, False Water Cobra, and many others in a mishmash of various species! 

As far as products themselves, there is a plan to open up more home décor options for our products but also intend on expanding our garment selection too! Looking at mid April, the plan is to get some of our designs on some skirts and dresses as well as cropped hoodies. I've also been on the hunt for a manufacture who can produce *drum roll* Hawaiian Shirts!! But this has been a difficult search! I've been able to find one thus far however I do not know what the quality is like as of yet. I'll post more on this when I hit that milestone.

For our Home Décor section the plan is start with duvet covers and run from there! There are many items I want to list in the store, but I have to reign it in because I don't get as many requests for these items as there is a heavier focus on apparel.

There's a lot more on the horizon, so check back and see where we are! I'll be posting to my Instagram account more frequently going forward and on our new TikTok account as well.