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Custom art designs with a crested gecko and snake on a white paper background.

Requisitos generales de pago

Se requiere un pago inicial no reembolsable de $40 para asegurar su proyecto en nuestro cronograma y cubrir los costos del boceto inicial.

Cualquier trabajo de ilustración de menos de $100 debe pagarse con el 100% por adelantado.

Utilizamos PayPal para todo nuestro trabajo de comisión, ya que ofrece protección al comprador.

From sketch to finish process image of logo design.

Our Process

Within 24 hours of your initial email, you will be contacted and asked to provide additional information regarding your project details. Supplying as much data as possible can help us deliver an accurate quote as quickly as possible. The following are examples:

• Need by Date
• Number of Subjects
• Level of Detail

Initial sketches

During the initial sketch phase, you will receive multiple loose concepts based on the provided information you supplied. This phase does not have any redraw or update limit. Once you approve of the final design, we'll move into the next stage.

Final Art

During this phase, your sketches will be fully rendered and/or colored per your design request. At this point all important ideas and concepts should be approved and finalized as changing anything is more difficult. We will be consistently sending work in progress (WIP) images to review so you can see how things are developing. During this phase we do allow some modifications if they have minimal impact on the final design. See the table below for those modifications that apply.

During the final rendering, the client is allowed simple adjustments (See table below) however large modifications requiring redraws will incur an additional fee of $50 per change.

Minor Change Examples  Major Change Examples
  • Color Adjustments
  • Text Updates (non handdrawn)
  • Redrawing Objects
  • Shifting Objects

Project Completion

Upon finalization of the illustration, you'll receive a watermarked version to approve. If the client is satisfied with the final design, an invoice of the remainder balance will be sent via Paypal. Once the project is paid in full, a ZIP file containing the files will be sent to the email provided. All rights are transferred to the client, and the only rights retained by the artist are those for portfolio display reasons unless otherwise noted by the owner.

Trabajo de cliente anterior


Below are examples of illustrations done for previous clients. Prices listed on each design are the starting price for this particular style.

*Prices are subject to change based on number of subjects and design complexity. Number listed is considered the base price for this type of artwork.

Ball Python and Reticulated Python logo commission.

Diseño de logotipo - $150*

Ilustraciones vectoriales creadas en Photoshop e Illustrator.

Black and white pointillism commission pet portrait.

Retrato de mascota: $150*

Arte tradicional con pluma y tinta realizado en puntillismo y grosor de línea variable.

Diseño de logotipo - $250*

Diseño de fondo vectorial con integración de pintura rasterizada.

Pilbara and Jeweled Lacerta commission logo.

Diseño de logotipo - $250*

Puntillismo en blanco y negro con color digital.

Argus Monitor commission design for stickers.

Diseño de logotipo - $250*

Arte lineal basado en vectores con coloración digital.

Ilustraciones detalladas a todo color

Mangrove Snake commission logo.

Diseño de pegatina/logotipo - $350*

Trabajo digital realizado en Photoshop.

Hognose Snake Commission Logo

Diseño de pegatina/logotipo - $350*

Trabajo digital realizado en Photoshop.

Diseño de logotipo - $350*

Trabajo digital realizado en Photoshop.

Diseño de logotipo - $350*

Trabajo digital realizado en Photoshop.